Proverbs 18:24

"A man of many companions, may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother." 

- Proverbs 18:24

Now that I'm out of school and working, I rarely socialize. I do have friends and I do keep in touch. However, the older we get - the busier we are. I'll sometimes have all this time off and no ones available or vice versa. I'll get bored and feel lonely. My friends and I are not teens anymore where we had all this time to waste (waaaaah) or in college where studying (basically a nice way to say social club) would happen over pizza and gossip lol  

I find that the harder I look for someone to be available to hang out with, that's the time God wants me to spend with him. I feel like he clears our schedule at times so that we can re-connect with him. Yet, we look in all the wrong places. I'm not saying everytime your friends aren't available, God is making them busy lol but I do think God wants to catch up with you. 

I can be so busy at times, that I don't even thank God for another day. Just something to be aware of, next time you're feeling lonely or like you have all this time in your hands. Take it as a sign that God is speaking to you so that you can re-connect. Prayer is hard to keep up with in this world of alarms, reminders and instant gratification. It can sometimes even feel like a waste of time. But no matter how you look at prayer, it is an important part of life. 

Prayer keeps us connected with God, safe from everything and spiritually sane. At times we look for a friend who will understand our situation or what we're going through. But why not pray about it and cast your anxieties on him? You'll feel better after and remember, he'll take care of it (1 Peter 5:7).

- Jenn


Sad to be posting my final post on my trip to UAE :( This post is just to show you guys all the fun things I did. Dubai is definitely a must see destination. It's like you're walking on Tumblr's feed lol everything is so luxurious, even the Starbucks! The Dubai mall has an aquarium, which you can swim in if you'd like. There's also a place to interact with penguins and an ice skating rink. Crazy the amount of stuff a mall can have. I kept seeing my dream car everywhere!! (it's a sign lol) a Mercedes G- Wagon ahhhh if only I had 120k in my bank account. 

I think that everyone should at least go one day to witness where the desert and sea meet. I think a week is doable, but you're going to be on the go everyday. I felt like I never rested because I didn't want to miss anything. I think 10 days is good to sight see yet be able to relax by the pool. The highlight of my trip was the Safari. I left disappointed in the fact that everything is new, it's like Rodeo and the Vegas strip put together. 

I hope you enjoyed following my trip on snapchat, through instagram and my blog :) See you in my next post! 

xx - Jenn 

Sheikh Zayed

What I'm Wearing: 

Abaya and hijab (gift shop purchase)
Sunnies (Forever 21)

I was so excited to finally visit the Sheikh Zayed mosque in Abu Dhabi! The day began with a tour guide picking us up from the hotel and telling me I wasn't covered enough. When I was wearing a long sleeve button down with wide leg pants. I thought, "I'll just buy a hijab in the gift shop". (Side note: they're not kidding when they say "FULLY COVERED") As I show up to enter the mosque, I am told that my button up is translucent and I cannot enter! I was wearing a undershirt, however I wasn't "covered enough". 

I then have to go to the gift shop and buy an abaya in a size L because all were sold out! Then they finally let me in, but my tour guide had left with the other tourists. I was left to look around and view the mosque on my own with others who weren't dressed properly. That was a little frustrating as I would've liked to know the history and facts about the mosque. 

The only good thing was that I was able to take my time and view each site slowly. This day I've got to say was the hottest feeling day for me. It was at least 117 degrees, the Mosque is not closed off so you feel the hot-humid air and if I tried to take off the hijab (head piece) security would quickly tell me to put it back on. It was really a memorable visit to the Sheikh Zayed lol 

I was so hot too because I was fully covered under the hijab so that made for a natural sauna lol my makeup literally slid down my face. That's probably why I look half crazy in the pictures lol not my best. Last post will be the last post :( it'll basically be random pictures of the trip in one post. Kind of the same way I did Thailand. I'm already thinking about another trip waaaaah gosh I love to travel so much! I have a bucket list, so we'll see where to next. 

xx - Jenn

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